Monday, January 5, 2009

macro monday

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

camera critters

these camera critters were taken in the rocky mountains this summer.

i'm not sure if these lil critters are a type of hornet or what...but i wouldn't want a close encounter with them!

i was amazed at how many chipmunks we saw....they were plentiful! and cute. :)

this cute lil guy was sunning himself out on a ledge overlooking a beautiful valley. a marmot...i had never heard of this one.

we also saw several elk...the only thing that i missed were the moose...maybe another time. :)

my 'bellowing elk' was the last photo posted in my aol journal...thought they deserved another showing. :)

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scenic sunday

i thought i would present another falls photo...this one was taken in the rocky mountain national park this summer.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

desoto falls

straight out of the camera....hubby and i took a few days and went to desoto falls state park in eastern alabama to start the new year for a nice lil get-away. here is the upper desoto falls, which are just outside of the park.

hubby is developing a passion for photography. this photo of the lower part of desoto falls is one he took...
lodge falls, located guessed it, the lodge. we hiked to these 2 falls our first day. temperatures were mild, it was a sunny day, and the hike easy...perfect. :)
our 2nd morning was a bit cooler. started out with temperatures in 30's. we began the hike with 1000 foot boardwalk...really nice, but then the paths got a little rockier, but still a nice walk.
indian falls...there was a foot bridge over this one that provided a nice view from above.
laurel falls are only about 6 feet high, but very pretty. this was our 3rd day and the hike was a bit steeper and rockier. even though it was pretty cold this morning, i warmed up quickly.

the last one is lost falls...because when there is no rain, these falls disappear. if you look closely, you can see icicles hanging from the ledge.

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