Monday, October 6, 2008


Ellipsis: Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #6: Fences And What's Behind Them

a beautiful pasture with barn

a great chasm

an old windmill

more of the same

huge rock formations of new mexico

girrafes - denver zoo
click on link above to play along! :)


D said...

beautiful shots!!

Monica said...

Nicely done! Several of them I really like.


a corgi said...

all great shots! my favorite was the one in New Mexico; I think I've seen those :)

have a good week :)


Ann LRD said...

Good shots! Love New Mexico Rocks, too. You captured a good mix:)


Meg said...

Great choices. Of course, you "dun good" on all the shots. I expected no less, ever.

alphawoman said...

Verrry interesting! Going to do the fence challenge tomorrow.

Carly said...

Hi Gina :)

What a great new place you have here! Welcome to Blogger! I enjoyed your series of photos very much, each one just perfect. I especially liked the one with the windmill. I like them, but oddly enough don't have many in my archives. You have inspired me to get some photos of them very soon. Thanks for that! Good job with the challenge!

Always, Carly

Martha said...

Lovely fences! I think I'll post mine tonight too :-)

Wammy said...

Love all the nautre shots but I am glad to see the giraffes at the Denver Zoo. Our oldest daughter and our two grandkids just moved to that area. We got them a zoo membership. Nice to see the same animals that our grandson loves! Thanks for playing.

Tammy said...

A wonderful variety of fences and views to compliment them. Nice job!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Gina, Nice to meet you! Your photographs are stunning! I enjoyed them all, the windmill perhaps the best..It was the one that spoke to my soul:)

Kiva said...

Welcome! All of them are lovely. I got a chuckle when I read the title of The Chasm. Being a animal shot lover, I have to say the giraffes are my fave.